Inview is a dandy piece of software developed in collaboration with Network Intelligence Group. Inview works as a natural addition to Google Business View and allows you to enhance the most significant details about your business. With Inview you greatly increase the visibility of your business and enables you to integrate the 360-degree-tour just about everywhere (e.g. on your webpage, Facebook, LinkedIn).

Easy to learn, a breeze to use
We have made it our goal to make Inview as user friendly and easy-to-use as possible and strive to always keep the software updated so you never miss out on the latest trends of the internet. Inview ensures high profile exposure and includes many features that enables you to convert your visitors whether you want downloads, sales, orders or bookings.


Interest and engage your customers!

There are virtually limitless possibilities with the use of Inview. The most evident use is naturally to highlight the most central part of your business with interactive functions, which enables you to engage your audience in a unique way that makes your business stand out in the crowd.

Whatever the case may be case, there are many other ways you can use Inview to your advantage including but not limited to the following: